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5 Fun Things about Planting Seeds Activity for Daycare Children

5 Fun Things about Planting Seeds Activity for Daycare Children

5 Fun Things about Planting Seeds Activity for Daycare Children

A part of daycare responsibility is creating the right type of activity to boost children development and learning process. Do not only focus on activity that held inside daycare. Sometimes, we are also need to plan an outside activity to avoid boredom. One type of activity that can be a great learning method is planting seeds. It can make children learn more about nature and how something grows. Actually, there are 5 fun things that children of our daycare possible to simply learn from their planting seeds experience. Those things are:

Explaining how things grow

It will be easier if we are dealing with older children because we can be more easily to explain how a seed become plant naturally. We can take some seeds of fruit, flower or vegetables. It must be fun and interesting for them to see how the seed that they plant can change into something that they usually eat or see. Involving them in a real gardening time will increase their attraction to knowing the real things. Even simple facts like not all seeds have fruit embedded in outer skin can be such interesting subject.

Ask children to grow some sprouts

This is perfect method if we do not have enough garden, backyard, or open area in our daycare. To doing this, we only need a jar. The types of sprout that we can use are bean, broccoli, sunflower or broccoli. Using a jar can minimize the space need. Besides that, it is also useful to explain easier for children how the seed sprout below the soil. First, we can pour a quarter cup of seed into a wide mouthed jar. Do not forget to cover it up with sufficient amount of water and let it soak overnight. Put a fine mesh or cut from unused pantyhose on the top of jar and fasten it up with rubber band. Drain the water inside the jar and then turn the jar on its side. Put the jar in some places like tables that get a lot of sunlight. Do the same process of wet twice in a day and drain again. If you follow this method carefully then the sprout that you put inside of the jar will be ready to eat by daycare children in several days.

Provide the proper gardening tools for daycare children

It is undeniable fact that gardening tools is essential for children needs. Just be sure that we are providing the best type of tools based on the age of each child. To make it clear, the tools are usually divided as follow:

–          Young age of daycare children will need no special type of tools. They usually need a pot, small foam cup, small watering can. However, if we want to give more stimulation or add the young age children interest then we can provide plastic trowels, gardening apron, rakes or other type of safe gardening tools.

–          Older children in our daycare will need more sturdy material especially if they are going to plant a lot of seeds on the ground. Do not forget to buy right tools to take care of the seeds when it’s grown and also tools to crops.

Teach children to read by reading the seed package instruction.

We can ask children to read the back of each seed package to train their reading level expertise. It is essential before doing the real planting activity. Reading process is also important to make children of our daycare understand better about the watering amount, light requirement, best time to plant seeds, plant height, space needed and many else. It is also commonly stated the information whether the seeds will be perfect to be plant inside or outside.

Stay involving children of our daycare to taking care of the seed that they have plant.

The fun is not only stopped by planting seeds. We can enjoy more fun through involving children to the caring process of seed growth. They are also can learn more from the process of watering, fertilizing, take away the annoying plant and others. This taking care process will make children of our daycare learn more about the fact that seed will not growth properly without sufficient amount of water, sunlight and treatment. This is a learning method that can be spending hours but still lovable by children.

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