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5 Fun Activities for Large Group of Daycare Preschool Children

5 Fun Activities for Large Group of Daycare Preschool Children

5 Fun Activities for Large Group of Daycare Preschool Children

Daycare preschool children are always love fun games. If you are handling large amount of children in your daycare then you need to select some fun activity to make whole of them can be participate. It is undeniable fact that preschooler age seems like having an endless energy. You can try to guide their energy into a positive thing if you can make daycare preschool children doing group activity that develop their social and creativity skills.

There are various types of daycare preschool children activities that can be simply chosen. For you who still feel confuse to choose which one is properly held then you can take a look at the following best 5:

Puppet show

The puppet show is one of various daycare preschool children activity to be done with large group of children. It will not need huge effort to prepare. You can simply set small wooden stage or hide behind the bookcase as long as children will only see your puppet.  Puppet show is perfect daycare preschool children activity to develop their imagination freely. Not only that, this large group activity is also effective learning tools for children to learn the character, conflict and solution from it.

The duck duck and Goose

Ask your daycare preschool children to sit down in a large circle shape. One student is act as the chaser when they walk around outside the circle. The chaser will taps on each student head and says “Duck”. When the chaser already finds their target, they will tap on their peer head and say “Goose”. The daycare preschool children that targeted will get up and chase the student around the circle until the previous chaser can get back to his place into the circle and sit down.

Dragon tail

Dragon tail is also need large group of children to play. This game is great for daycare preschool children since it will not only train them physically but also social communication with their peer. Ask a child as chaser and the rest of children will be stand on line. One child in the first line will be act as dragon head that will protect the dragon nail or daycare children in the last line. The chaser will try to catch the child that act as dragon tail. It is a kind of fun activity for daycare preschool children but needs large room or outside area to play.

Show and tell

This is another type of useful daycare preschool children activity that can be done in large number of children. It is a kind of activity that makes them learn how to do small presentation to their peer. This is good to encourage children bravery. Just simply ask each of your daycare preschool children to bring certain object and then describe it to the rest of children. Give appropriate time to other children to ask a question or simply make a comment about the presentation.

Bug in the rug

This is another fun daycare preschool children activity. It is important to maintain everything stay fun and enjoyable when you are dealing with large group of children. Here is how to play. You can ask the whole daycare preschool children to sit down on the floor while their eyes stay closed. When they are singing, you can take one of children and cover him up. When the song is finished, the rest of daycare preschool children can take turn to guess who is on the blanket.

Providing fun activity for daycare children is not only limited to what expert said to you. It will be more on your own creativity to create fun, enjoyable and effective learning activity at the same time. Keep trying to create best daycare preschool children personality ever!

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