5 Best Ways to Create Daycare Service Routine Activity

In fact, set routine in daycare service can make children understand their environment while stay feels secure. Besides that, it will make young children have less anxiety because they already know what will come up next. Not only that, set a routine activity is also can boost children positive behavior since each children basic needs such as play time, eating, sleeping, learning and other can be set in more proper schedule.

Need a guidance to set routine in your daycare service? Check out the following detail below:

5 Best Ways to Create Daycare Service Routine Activity

Make a plan based on children age

In fact, your daycare may consist of various children age. Of course it will make them need different type of activity and schedule. If you are dealing with infant, they are commonly showing best individualized care since they have their biological schedules.

5 Best Ways to Create Daycare Service Routine Activity

Set a consistent time for rest and eating for toddler

Children seems having abundant energy. They often spend their time keep playing or going around doing their activity. Of course it will make us need to pay on their nutritious need. Be sure that we are having exact sleeping and eating time for toddler. Just try to make sure to fulfill their basic needs.

Set a balance active and quiet time

Without our supervision and setting a routine then children tend to spend their whole time in active activity. It is a part of our job as daycare service to set some schedule that has balance active and quiet time to maintain their health.

Set balance group and alone time

You will need to create balance group and alone time. It is important for children on two year old and older since they will need ‘me’ time and group time. Do not forget to teach them about friendship value, individual need respect and community importance. Put a balance time for them to join small group interaction, whole group activities and child directed free play.

Make a consistent routine

Doing the same thing in exact time as scheduled will make children easier to recognize the schedule and routine. Slowly but sure they will understand the pattern and even provide some help for us such as arrange their toys back when you said lunch or nap time.