5 Best Method to Teach Self Control to Daycare Preschool Children

Teaching self-control to daycare preschool children is important as a part of children developmental stages. You can simply try to teach them through various actions such as interaction, child directed activity and proper guidance. Just do not forget to set a realistic expectation. Important indicator is children age, their need, strength and growth stage so that you can set a clear and realistic goal for children need.

5 Best Method to Teach Self Control to Daycare Preschool Children

Need to know more about this? Try to check on the following 5 best method to teach self-control on daycare preschool children:

Set a carefully observation

Beware of any sign that usually makes children become stress or overstimulated. By recognizing the sign, you will be able to find the proper way to express their stress feeling rather than throwing their temper tantrum.

Being a good role model

In fact, children tend to imitate adult behavior. That is the reason why you better showing proper behavior. Naturally, children will do the same as your behavior pattern. Show your calm rather than frustration when dealing problem. Show them problem solving skill so that they can do the same thing when exact event happen to them.

5 Best Method to Teach Self Control to Daycare Preschool Children

Learning by playing

It may hard to directly teach children to control themselves. It will better if you can help them to understand it through playing time. Try to create games that demand them to understand the importance of taking turn, waiting the other and accept lose when joining the game.

Let them practice self-talking and planning

Another important method to learn self-control during children age is self-talk and self-planning. You can try to guide the children to solve the problem by asking question to guide them understanding the situation. Try to provide guidance to solve the problem through questioning the problem.

Do the dramatic play

Drama play or role play is also great method to teach children about self-control. It is simply because those two activities urge children to communicate and interact with other. In fact, friction is always possible to happen when children interact with their peer. However, you can try to include the morality value and importance of self-control.