5 Basic Type of Daycare Field Trip

5 Basic Type of Daycare Field TripHeld a daycare field trip is a good option to avoid boredom and make children possible to learn a new thing through real experience. It is better to get our daycare preschool children out and find new worlds. However, the field trip is needed to be careful planning to avoid any unexpected moment. Spend some time to think about what kind of activity that will be lovely to do during the long holiday or summer vacation. There are many types of field trip that we can do. First, we can try to held the daycare trip that dealing with sport and fitness activity. Since we are not only responsible for children’s education, we also need to take care of their health. We can try to visit the local sports team or watch their training. It is even better if we can arrange some behind the scenes tour to make children of our daycare possible to reveal the hard work and preparation needs to do before the match. If we have a local horse ranch then we can take the children of our daycare to train horseback riding. Do not forget to pay attention to children safety because having activity outside our child care places will need extra attention to keep them safe.

Another type of field trip activity that we can try to have fun with children is art and craft. We can visit the local museum and bring some drawing paper. Ask the children of our daycare to paint their favorite items there. We are also possible to visit the local ceramic studio. Children will be happy to play and letting them to paint on ceramic will provide free space for them that similar to playing freely without any strict rules. Let them express their imagination on the ceramic drawing. The local restaurant is also the perfect place to visit by our daycare. Ask parent to join in some cooking class together with children. It will be positively attract parent and children’s attention. We can also possible to teach children in our daycare about health and safety. Fire department or police station usually will be glad to offer a presentation. This kind of visit is absolutely attracting child’s attention especially when the police man or fireman wear their full uniform when visiting our daycare. Their explanation will guide children on how to maintain and react to emergency events in a professional way. Visit a local hospital is also great for children in our daycare. It is a kind of teaching method that useful for children to learn about empathy, care about the other.

Community trip service is also a great field trip idea for our daycare. Come to the local farm and let the children see the cow, chicken, duck, pig and other animal. If it is possible, ask to the farmer or dairyman to explain to our child daycare about how the animal feeding and the result like egg get processed in their business. A field trip to some local self farm is also great planning. Make sure that we can ask their permission to come during the harvest time. Let children pick fresh fruit and vegetable directly from the tree. By doing it, we can do our job as provider to transfer knowledge in a different way. If our place near the lake or sea then spending a day on a fishing boat will be a perfect daycare field trip idea. Fishing is fun for children. When we get the fish, we can set a tend and make a camp like building our own small family on the trip. Make a picnic with children and cook the fish. It will be more amazing for children than just learning about fish or water animal through the book or CD. Local zoo is also a good place to teach especially if we can contact the veterinarian and animal care worker to give some explanation to the children of our daycare.