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5 Basic Rules for Children to Teach in Daycare

5 Basic Rules for Children to Teach in Daycare

5 Basic Rules for Children to Teach in Daycare

Daycare condition is different with the homey condition where children usually face. That is why we need to teach children the basic rules so that they can find out what is the proper thing to do during their activity in daycare.  Basically, the rule is about how children should behave toward their teacher, peer in daycare and also get used to be in daycare environment. Those rules are:

How to walk properly around daycare area

The most popular term is ‘walking feet’. It means that daycare children are suggested to walk calmly and not running around everywhere. Explain to children gently but firmly the reason why they should do the ‘walking feet’. It is simply because the floor may be slippery or injured. Children also advice to slow down their voice tone when they are inside the daycare. It is important because they will absolutely cannot learn anything if keep yelling, shouting or have a loud voice.

Teach children not to do any physical contact that may result injury toward them and their peer.

Teach them that hand should be use for good thing like shake hand, hugging, hold each other while playing or raise it when you want to ask or answer question. Teach to your daycare children to express their feeling verbally, encourage them to speak up what is on their mind. It will be automatically reduce the possibility to do some harm physical contact to themselves and other.

Teach children the meaning of take turn and patient to other

There are many times when daycare children quarrells each other because of impatience of taking turn. Explain to them that everyone can play it but need to patience in waiting the turn. Explain firmly that quarrel or hitting will not bring any solution.

Teach daycare children to listen well

Listening is important thing that daycare children should learn. Without proper listening willing and ability, they will not get any progress. Make children stay pay attention to you through maintaining fun and enjoy activity.

Teach daycare children about being kind with the other

Being kind will make children understand the meaning of friendship, respect, honor, love and caring to each other. It is a kind of basic rule that children can use as useful value for their future

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