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5 Basic Needs of Infant and Toddler

5 Basic Needs of Infant and Toddler

As parent, you need to know the basic thing that will be needed by each infant and toddler that include under your supervision. It is simply because you are responsible to support their physical and mental development. If you can provide these basic needs of infant and toddler then you can have healthy and confidence children in your hand.

5 Basic Needs of Infant and Toddler

So, what are the 5 basic needs to provide for infant and toddler?

Love and affection

Love and affection is the first basic need on the list. This kind of feeling is important to make your children feel safe and secure. Be sure that you provide kiss, hug or cuddle them. The way you touch and hold infant and toddler will affect to their secure feeling. You also need to find the perfect type of voice tone to communicate with them. Do not forget to also set a stable, full of love home condition to maintain your infant and toddler self esteem.

Feeling secure and sufficient love is important in early infant and toddler developmental stage. Without proper secure and loving feeling, insecure happen. When infant and toddler feel insecure, they will have lack of confidence. Automatically, it will greatly affect their capability of doing development. In fact, the amount of attention, affection and love that received by infant and toddler will bring impact not only to their physical but also mental and emotional growth.


Infant and toddler growth need proper food. The type of food that you provide will affect their mind and body. Improper food will lead into lower development level, low IQ and even disease that connected with less mineral, vitamin and protein intake. That is why you better check out what type of food that will properly fulfill your infant and toddler nutrition need.


Maintaining infant and toddler health is not only gaining through providing proper food. You also need to held some routine pediatrician visit and get the immunization. Do not forget to keep infant health and sanitation by changing their diapers routinely and keep their surrounding clean. Bathe them and put clothing that matched with the season will be affect your infant and toddler health.


Infant and toddler will need sufficient rest and sleeping time. Proper time to sleep will be needed to give enough time for their brain to develop. Proper brain development will boost infant and children skill to learn, think and move. Without sufficient time of sleeping, they will be cranky and get difficult to understand their environment surround.


Last thing of infant and toddler basic needs is stimulation. You better stimulate your children in various condition, places and people. Stimulation is also possible to provide trough some toys. Reading a story and also communicate intensely is also needed to increase infant and toddler vocabulary and brain skill. Always communicate with infant and toddler since early age and tell them what you do or what happen around them to encourage their communication skill.

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