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4 Tricks to Minimize Daycare Children Misbehavior

4 Tricks to Minimize Daycare Children Misbehavior

4 Tricks to Minimize Daycare Children Misbehavior

Daycare job is not easy as it seems. It is simply because we do not only need to teach children about their academic skill, nutrition, health and safety but also handling their misbehavior. It will be difficult especially for new owner of daycare facility to decide what kind of appropriate action to deal with misbehavior children. Here are 4 important tricks to handle this problem that you may try:

Try to be consistent

Consistent in here we should act the same as the statement that we make. Consistent action will make children get easier to understand the rules and making the right choice on their own. For example, if you deal with children who used to throw their toys easily then you can take the toys away for some time. Of course, we cannot simply take the toys away without giving any explanation. Explain to them that it is not good to throw their toys. Make a statement that you will give back their toys when they stop to throwing it.

The consistency will be needed to make daycare children understand that it is a strict rule to play gentle with the toys and not throwing it anytime they feel upset or angry. If you change your way or rule in the next day, children will be confused which rules that actually apply. Automatically, it will lead them to repeat their action because they think that it is a tolerable action. This is the main reason why you better keep your consistent when handling misbehavior daycare child.

Never provide any space for negotiation

We often not realize that negotiation is a mistake. Most of us may think that it is a right thing to do since we want to make daycare children feel heard. Some of us may feel comfort if children can see us as flexible, an open minded and great listener. In fact, negotiating about daycare rules is not a right action. Simple things like negotiation for extra bed time or extra time to play when they need to study will makes them think that the rules can be change if they want.

Later on, you will find out that daycare children will start to negotiate everything. Automatically it will make you more difficult to get them obey the daycare rules. Try to apply consistent rules so that they will not have a chance to have misconception about the rules. Explain that all the rules are set for their own sake like safety, comfort or health. By doing this, daycare children will find out that the rule is a must to obey.

Provide the time for your daycare children to solve the problem by themselves

Aggressive daycare children behavior does always push us to get involved directly. We are also need to give them some time to think and solve it by themselves. Let them try to figure out the problem solving first and then try to guide them. You can start to help them when they come to you to ask your help. Do not directly get involve to solve their problem. Just try to give some suggestion and explanation to daycare children which action that is wrong and how they should do it. They can try to do it by themselves. You may get surprise what they can do or how they can solve it by themselves without involving you too much.

Praise daycare children when they are showing their self control

If your daycare children can show their positive behavior, you better show them some appreciation. Any praise that you showing to them will create great impact to their behavior in the future. They can increase their self confidence and positive behavior. When daycare children feel that you see them as a great person then they will likely to be great behavior children. Give them appraisal is important part to make them understand the benefit of being good behavior children by their own. Learn by their own experience will be huge benefit for daycare children life in the future.

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