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4 Sign of Qualified Daycare Teacher

4 Sign of Qualified Daycare Teacher

4 Sign of Qualified Daycare Teacher

Daycare teacher responsibility is not only supervises children when they are playing around every day. Teacher is absolutely responsible for children safety, health, education and nutritional intake. All of those responsibilities must apply to children that have their own unique habit and personality. That is why, daycare teacher need to have abundant positive quality to get successful role. Here are 4 sign of qualified daycare teacher:

Have sufficient education and training

It is not easy to be daycare teacher. Daycare teacher must follow some child development course to fully understand the children milestone and skill to obtain in every age. This course and training will help them to arrange perfect plan and create proper strategy to support children reach their milestone. Qualified daycare teacher at least need to get CPR and first aid certification. Course and training is also needed to make daycare teacher get easier to recognize the common sign of child abuse and illness so that they can directly take proper action when this sign comes up.

Have proper appearance

It is undeniable fact that children will always love to mimic adult. That is why it is important to be a good role model for them. Qualified daycare teacher will show good appearance with proper dressing and appropriate behavior. It is a big no no for teacher to hit, push, smash, swear, yell or smoking in front of children.

Have the right discipline method

Daycare teacher need to set a great discipline method. Just try to set a simple and easy to follow discipline strategy. Apply time out rather than physical punishment to make children understand their fault and know the importance to make a better attitude. Set a clear limitation and make it become routine in daily daycare activity.

Have great interaction with daycare children

Qualified daycare teacher is not only a high educational people but have great connection and communication with children. Pleasant personality, never discriminate children and patience is the sign of qualified teacher. It is not easy to be daycare teacher especially when children showing up their temper tantrum, disobey, make a mess and tons of energy to play around. No matter how difficult to handle children, qualified daycare teacher will focused on children interest to make them attracted and full dedication to help children learn and grow up.

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