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4 Reason Why Bullies do Their Action

4 Reason Why Bullies do Their Action

I bet most of us being bullied in physical or psychological in our childhood. We must aware that bullies can bring a lot of effect toward children life. Stress or even being an outsider at school is a common thing to happen. Some children are even do not want to go to school since they are afraid of being bullied at school. Proper action need to find to overcome the bullying problem.

4 Reason Why Bullies do Their Action

However, you also need to find out the reason why bullies do their action. Digging out their main reason can help you easier to overcome the bullying. Check out the following reason:

Seeking for attention

In fact, the bully actor is doing their action to looking for people attention. They bully because they thing that it is a cool thing and will make them popular among other children. Another reason is because it can make them feel more strong and powerful. Some other may do it because they need the recognition of being important.

Family effect

Believe it or not, bully actor often comes from family where family member get used to shout and angry each other all the time. This makes them feel that it is ok to react this way to other people. Automatically it makes them get used to push, angry, shout or calling name. They may also copy the bully action from other older family member or people around them.

4 Reason Why Bullies do Their Action

Careless to other

The bully actor often identified as people that do not have empathy to other. Some of them know that what they do and they say will hurt other people. However, some bully actor may do not realize about it. The rest of them may do not want to know or enough care about the other feeling.

Bully hurt people that they have power on it

The common case is the bully usually does the bullying on someone that they have the power on them. Some bully will choose children who can easily get upset or cannot handle problem. Other chooses smarter kid, lower or randomly without current reason at all.

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