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4 Out of the Box Ways to Get Daycare Art Supplies

4 Out of the Box Ways to Get Daycare Art Supplies

4 Out of the Box Ways to Get Daycare Art Supplies

Daycare art supplies are one of the most expensive items to provide. Everything goes hard especially when the economical condition gets difficult. It makes most of daycare provider get more difficult to provide all the needed items for the class. You may already try to find the way to get it in cheaper way like bartering. You can simply join the regional bartering group or Craigslist forum. By doing this way, you may get your needed daycare art supplies by bartering the things that you do not needed anymore.

Besides that, there are still various ways that you may try. Still do not know what to do? Check it out in here:

Do art show

Art show can be your way out to get daycare art supplies. Ask your daycare student to participate by creating their art project. When the entire art project is completed, you can start to send invitation. Send your art show invitation to parent, school board member and general community. To get more visitors in your effort to get daycare art supplies, you can simply use the internet, newspaper or local TV station. You can simply ask some type of art supplies as the entrance ticket.


Donation can be great ways to get daycare art supplies. You may think it is hard to do especially when you are never trying it. To make it easier, you can start by making a list of business and people that matched. Make a contact and explain the reason why you are looking for donation to get daycare art supplies. Business commonly loves to be recognized whether it is in daycare bulletin, website or anything. For people who donate daycare art supplies, you can set a small party or page on daycare bulletin or site.

Cooperate with manufacturer

This type of ways can provide you with sufficient daycare art supplies. However, it is also has positive and negative effect. Positively since the manufacturer will donate either money or goods for your needs to get daycare art supplies. In the other side, you will give your image and time for the manufacturer as you are their advertisement.

Do recycle

Nowadays, art supplies are not only possible to gain by purchasing new things. You may also do recycle to get your needed daycare art supplies. What you need is expand your creativity. Use any useless items like packaging, cardboard boxes, yoghurt cup, empty water bottle, plastic bag and others. Do not have any idea? Visit craft or recycle website to get various instructions on using useless items becomes your useful art project. This idea is great ways to get not only abundant daycare supplies but also teach children to love mother earth to maintain green living.