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4 Main Daycare Function to Provide

4 Main Daycare Function to Provide

The best daycare is the one that can provide complete daycare function. It is simply because daycare will replace parent responsibility while the parent works. Daycare provider itself has to realize that the main daycare function is not only to baby sit but also to provide education and support for children to reach their development stages properly. Daycare function should balance the academic and social education.


You can start your daycare function by planning some educational activity to support children development. Of course, you cannot simply apply the same educational method for children. The best method is fun learning. It means you make curriculum that make them possible to learn through fun activity. At least, you must do daycare function to prepare children for their learning skill beginning before joining the formal school.

Start with teaching them to recognize letter, words, color, art lesson and physical exercise. Mixture of the reading, counting, art and writing will be great step of daycare function to acknowledge them with education that they will get in formal school later. Even you can teach them about physic through fun method. Try the ice cube method to make them learn about chemical changes. Dragon tail is also great ways to them to socialize. Educational daycare function is all about fun.


Maintain children are also important daycare function. Even most state also has regulation about the type of food to provide in daycare. Check out the state licensing department about the food program. Not only education, daycare children is also having the right to get proportional nutrition and sufficient physical exercise time. Singing and dancing time can your perfect option to do your daycare function on health maintenance. Another daycare function dealing with children health is maintaining children nap to give them proper rest.

4 Main Daycare Function to Provide


Safety is the main daycare function. Parent is also demand daycare that can provide safe and secure environment. Be sure that you choose safe location, purchase safe toys, safe eating utensil and educational tool. Not only that, your playground is also need to be checked dealing with children safety. Daycare function on safety will be evaluated by state department through routine inspection to check daycare facility. Your carefully checking on daycare furniture, tools and utensil will reduce children risk to expose on danger or disease. Automatically, it will make you easier to optimize your daycare function.


One great fact about daycare function is the socialization program. Daycare environment can make children possible to socialize through daily interaction with peer and provider. Through this program, you can teach children about valuable thing in socialization like sharing, respect and compromise. Socialize is also great ways to increase children language skill. Automatically, this daycare function can prepare children better to face the formal school in the future rather than other children that do not join daycare program. Mini kitchen or drama area will be great tools for this daycare function.

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