4 Important Aspects to Consider when Choosing Playground Equipment

4 Important Aspects to Consider when Choosing Playground Equipment Playground is one of important supplies that every daycare must have. This playground helps us to provide an active life style space than just let children stay in front of the television along the day. However, we cannot simply choose and buy the playground that we want. We will need to take a look at sport and structure.  Most of all put the safety aspect as our main concern when choosing daycare playground. Here are the 4 basic aspects to consider:

Safety aspects

Kids always have tons of energy. It makes them always move around. They can jump, run, swing and many other crazy moves that may put them in an injury risk. One of the best ways that we can do to prevent any injured is that cleaning the entire playground surface from any obstacle. For the swinging, never install it too close to the daycare since children may get hurt from hitting the roof or other part of daycare structure. Be sure that the surround is safe, no rocks, tree stumps or even debris. We can choose grass as the playground surface safety but sand will be better. Sand is safer option since it can be used as children imaginative playground. Another type of playground surface that provide safety is rubber.

Structure aspect

Choose the playground that has various combination of structure. The most common combination that we are often see is clubhouse rock wall climbing and down a slide. To provide more fun, we can simply add swing and monkey bar. For the structure, we can simply choose to buy the custom installation or the do it yourself type. The budget limitation itself is absolutely based on the type of playground that we want. We can simply spend money from $100 up to $ 20000 for a set that consist of swing, monkey bar and slide.

Sport equipment aspect

We cannot just simply provide playground to kids. It is fun already but we need to add some sport equipment to make sure that children also do some healthy exercise while playing on it. The simplest sport equipment that we can add is the ball. Add various size and color of ball like soccer ball, basketball and four square balls. Set a basketball hoop or soccer yard for children to play.

Supervision aspect

No matter how safe structure or how complete the sport equipment that we have in our daycare playground, children will need our assistance. We must supervise them while they spend their fun time in the playground.