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4 Great Ideas for Daycare Baby Bulletin Board Ideas

daycare baby bulletin ideas

daycare baby bulletin ideas

Daycare baby bulletin is one of important way to put all the information. It is not only about displaying the information but also gaining people interest on the child we are taking care of. In fact, it is undeniable that bulletin board may bring other people interest. For the baby, this type of board is also resulting visual stimulation.

Still do not know how to make such an interesting bulletin board? Get the best 4 ideas in here:

Guess who games

Make a daycare baby bulletin by creating baby photo for all of kids that you have before making fun guessing game. Provide recent photo and try to match the baby photo and recent photo.

Then and now

This type of bulletin board will also need a pair of baby photo and recent photo of kids that you have in daycare. Do not forget to put the name of each baby. Besides that, you may also put the caption like most cute, most changed and other category for each pair of picture.


Another great idea for baby bulletin board is collage. Try to make collage of baby photo or take picture of babies from various magazines. This type of creativity will increase baby interest in young age.

Baby development

Baby bulletin board also can be useful tool to inform baby developmental stages. You can make the bulletin of picture of babies in the class and mark the milestone that they already have reach. Put all baby photos and provide some room beside each photo to add some date and milestone. The information that completed with photo is absolutely an interesting daycare baby bulletin board to inform parent.