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4 Decoration Secret to Make Our Small Daycare Room becomes Bigger

4 Decoration Secret to Make Our Small Daycare Room becomes Bigger

4 Decoration Secret to Make Our Small Daycare Room becomes Bigger

Daycare is a place where children play, have fun and learn. That is why it will be perfect if the place is big enough to do various activities. Unluckily, not all of us are being blessed with big room.  One of the solutions to overcome this problem is by playing with the right painting color. The right choice on painting is not only helps us to create desired atmosphere for each room but also make it seems bigger. Generally, lighter color of painting will make the daycare seems bigger than the real space. There are 4 important aspects to make us possible recreate our small daycare room becomes bigger:

Choose the appropriate color

There are several types of color that can help us to create bigger space of our actual small daycare. Those colors are light green, light blue, white and pastel yellow. Blue, green and pastel shade can give calm, relax and comfort feeling to children. It is better if we can apply one or two level lighter shade than our desired color. Another way to make our small daycare becomes bigger is by choose high gloss paint. It is useful since this type of painting will provide light reflection.

Do routine maintenance of your painting

The big problem of painting maintenance is the dust and dirt. In fact, the dirt and dust will accumulate over the time. The accumulation will cover up the painting and decreasing the light of the paint reflection. The best that we can do to overcome this problem is by cleaning it continuously and do some repainting after few years. Without proper maintenance, our daycare room looks smaller.

Light arrangement

We cannot only depend on the painting choice to make our small daycare becomes bigger. It is also needed to gain access to the sun light through access from window. Make sure that the room will possible to gain sufficient access to the natural sun shine. As addition, we can put some lamp to provide enough light and make the room feel bigger. To save the money, we can purchase fluorescent lamp. However, we need to always check the color temperature before buy any of it. Another great ways to add the light into our small room is by put decorative mirror. The mirror will help us to reflecting the light. Beside the mirror, the interior style that using multipurposes furniture is also great option to create bigger daycare space.

Avoid bright and dark painting color

If our daycare is small then it is better if we avoid any bright and dark color. Bright colors like bright yellow or cherry red will disrupting and provide too much stimulus. The dark color will absorb the existing light and make our daycare feel more crowded.  Dealing with the association of dark color, it is also better to avoid dark type of furniture. The dark furniture will make our daycare seems smaller. Put too much amount of furniture will also make our daycare seems crowded and small because it will take the space.