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4 Best Ways to get Free Teacher Supplies for Daycare

4 Best Ways to get Free Teacher Supplies for Daycare

4 Best Ways to get Free Teacher Supplies for Daycare

Running a daycare is not an easy task especially if you have problem with limited budget. You cannot make any purchase for teacher supplies while you need it most. When you are facing this type of problem, it may seem so hard to survive since you cannot find perfect way out to overcome it. In fact, you can start to eliminate all of your worries because there are several ways to get it for free. Yes, you are absolutely no need to spend more money to make sure that your daycare still capable to provide teacher supplies that you need.

There are 4 best ways to deal with your budget limitation as follow:

Asking for daycare parent donation

The first way to get free teacher supplies for your daycare is by asking the parent donation. Write down a donation letter and asking for parent participation to provide teacher supplies. Explain about your daycare condition clearly and the benefit may create form parents involvement. Parent donation can help to set more improving lesson and eliminate the possibilities to set higher daycare cost.

Simple teacher supplies like construction paper, color, glue stick, crayon and other simple items will not bring great burden to parents but give huge advantage for daycare children lesson process. You may also ask for other additional donation items like juice, snack or canned fruit. One thing to remind is that never asking too much. As long as you stated the purpose clearly, daycare parents will be glad to contribute and support.

Recycling your daycare supplies

Saving is another best option to reduce your teacher supplies expense. Save as much as possible items like construction paper, color, glue, pencil, paper and other type of supplies. For the art or craft project, you can try to use any useless item to create new project for daycare children.

Ask for nearest kindergarten or preschool donation

If there is some kindergarten or preschool near your daycare then it can be a great start to get free teacher supplies. You can contact ask them politely whether they have some unused teacher supplies to donate. Most school will renew their supplies when the year changes. You can ask it for your daycare. Since they are also dealing with daycare children then they will be likely to give you for free.

Visiting some donation sites

There is a donation sites like Toys for Tots that can provide you with free teacher supplies. This site is donates toys for nonprofit organization. You may also search through online source to find another site. Commonly, you will need to fill out some basic information before applying for the donation. Be sure that you explaining clearly about your daycare condition, your purpose of this free teacher supplies usage.

Write down the proposal for the supply stores

Great supply stores usually become the supplier for school or business. You can start to make proposal for them to get their donation. Be brief to explain your daycare condition. Strictly put the point that the free teacher supplies will be used for daycare children learning purposes. If you can, try to find a way to referring your proposal goal with the supply stores goal and your daycare purpose.