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4 Best Thanksgiving Food for Daycare Preschool Children Party

4 Best Thanksgiving Food for Daycare Preschool Children Party

4 Best Thanksgiving Food for Daycare Preschool Children Party

Celebrating Thanksgiving on your daycare preschool? It is not something impossible to do. Not only for truly celebrate the day but also can add the fun since you can involve children during the preparation. However, the food choice will be slightly different from the common food that provide during Thanksgiving at home. Commonly, there are turkeys, pie or potatoes but it will not be practical for daycare preschool to do. Do not worry? You can prepare more simple and easy menu.

Basically, I will give a brief detail of 4 food ideas that your daycare preschool children can have during the Thanksgiving party. First, the kind of food that best suited with preschooler age is the one that made without any heating or cooking method. As an exchange with the common food menu, you can provide sliced deli turkey, salad, breads, apples and cranberry sauce. Those menus above are also as healthy as common Thanksgiving menu. Besides that, it is also easier to prepare since many daycare do not have enough kitchen tools.

You may also provide a cooked and heated food. A whole turkey may provide a lot of temptation but it is not practical to make in daycare preschool area. Try smaller turkey pieces to provide if your daycare have sufficient kitchen utensils to cook or heating food. As addition, you may add mashed potatoes, corn bread or succotash. Another great idea that you may take during the Thanksgiving party preparation is involving daycare children. You can simply as them to join the fun while preparing some dishes.

Do not get wrong, you are even possible to teach children daycare preschool about math when you are letting them count or measure the ingredient. Tossed salad or fresh fruit can be simple idea to try. You can make some Thanksgiving shape item from fresh fruit like apple or pears. Another way to involved daycare preschool is by letting them arrange the fruit slice on the plate. Simply use your creativity to create unique shape of Thanksgiving food serve for your daycare preschool.

In fact, children are easily exposed to allergies. You also need to provide proper food for daycare preschool Thanksgiving party. Even allergies can lead children into dangerous life threat. That is why you better ask parent to find out which food that may result allergies and sensitivities. Be sure that daycare preschool children will not touch any sharp tools, handling raw meat or egg. Before serve, make sure that daycare preschool eat food that already checked by adult.

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