4 Basic Actions to Teach Children Face Bullies

4 Basic Actions to Teach Children Face BulliesBullying is a common problem that faced by children at school. If this is happen then children face bullies can react in various ways. Some children may end in stress and fear while the other hide or fight. If you want to make sure that your child can handle bullying situation then you can learn to teach them about 4 basic actions as follow:

Never give any chance to the bullies

The first action to prevent bullying is avoiding the bully. You may cannot hide or even skip the class that makes you meet them but at least you can try to minimize the risk to see. Take a different route to avoid meeting so that you can reduce your chance to get bully.

Show your guts

Being brave is the best solution to face the bullies. When you can show them that you have guts then they will get used to learn that they cannot bully you anymore. The main reason why they bully you is because they see that you are afraid of them. Even an acting to be brave is enough to stop them. How to do that? Just stand and say some words that showing your bravery like “Stay away or do not mess with me” will be enough to make them stop bothering you.

4 Basic Actions to Teach Children Face Bullies

Positive thinking about yourself

First thing to do is throw away all the negative thinking of you as an individual. Just try to find what thing that make you feel good like doing more exercise or eat healthier food. Stop complaining and put the entire burden in your shoulder. Some children that becomes bullying victim often think that it is happen because of their fault or simply because they far from perfect. In fact, nobody is perfect. Start to love yourself and you will find out that there is nobody that can take advantage from you or bully you.

Make a friend

Having friend will make children face bullies in an easier way. Take a walk with your friend during the lunch or school rest hour.