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4 Activity Types to Support Daycare Toddler Social Skill Development

4 Activity Types to Support Daycare Toddler Social Skill Development

4 Activity Types to Support Daycare Toddler Social Skill Development

A daycare that is dealing with a toddler is needed to pay a lot more attention to their social interaction.  We have to watch their daily interaction with their peer and also us as the caregiver. We can make a plan to provide such supporting activity to raise their social skill development level. Even a simple activity in daycare like playing drama using such toys can be useful. We need to teach toddler how to develop their social skill because this skill can increase toddler awareness of friendship, problem solving and empathy with others. If we can support their social skill development then automatically we can help them to reach a higher language proficiency level. It is possible because more interaction that they build will require more language vocabulary. It means that they have to learn and acquire more words or sentence type so that they can communicate correctly. There are several types of activity in daycare that we can use to simply teach toddler about their social skills. Those are:

Art Project

Even paper, crayon, paint and other art supplies of our daycare can be a way to interact between toddlers. We can simply encourage them to interact by asking question regarding their artwork. We can ask some simple question such as what do they think about the color that their peer use or whether they like the other toddler way to draw certain object. Do not forget to ask them to describe what they do each other while doing the daycare art project. Explaining to each other is a kind of effective communication types to increase children social skill. When they finish doing their work successfully, we can give them praise and prize.

Arrange a date for toddler of our daycare with other daycare children play together

Let children play together and create an interaction on their own. Keep accompany them in a first several minute. Do not forget to provide such supporting tools like toys, crayon, block, puzzles, dolls and other. Never put the toys that being a toddler of our daycare favorite to avoid any conflict to happen. It is needed to put their favorite things away to prevent any conflict and teach them to share. Remember to minimize our involvement during the process to make the interaction process held naturally. Provide a sufficient snack to support their enjoyment time.

Musical activity

Music is a great way to held social interaction between toddlers. It is simply because daycare toddler usually loves to hear music, sing or even dance. We can arrange an activity dealing with their preference of music. Make a group and ask this daycare toddler group to dance together while listening to such favorite song. Be sure that we choose the music and rhyme that appropriate to toddler age. Make it simple, repeated rhyme and small words to make toddler easier to follow. Ask them to sing and dance together while holding on each other hand.

Make a scrapbook project

The scrapbook is an enjoyable activity for daycare toddler. Let them fill it out with the picture of their favorite types of activity or toys along with peers. We are also can create our own flashcard. Get the picture of each daycare toddler and make it into a small size like flashcard. Ask toddler to explain about the children in the flashcard picture shown favorite toys, food or activity.

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