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3 Tricks to Handle Difficult Type of Daycare Parent

3 Tricks to Handle Difficult Type of Daycare Parent

3 Tricks to Handle Difficult Type of Daycare Parent

Daycare responsibility is seems like daunting task since it is cover up children learning achievement, health and safety aspect. Not only finish in children side, daycare provider is also need to maintain good relationship with parent to create supportive environment. Great communication will be perfect base to increase parent involvement and participation to provide the best for daycare children.

Sometimes, daycare needs to face with difficult parent. This type of parent likely to judge or taking opinion base on their child or their own point of view without take a look clearly to all side. We cannot deny that there are some parents who strictly argue debate or refuse the daycare curriculum that cannot match with their value. It is often gets difficult to handle this kind of situation especially when everything gets emotional. Try to do the 3 tricks below to solve it:

Stay act like professional

Being emotionally or hardly defense your mind will only make it worse. Emotional action of parent often makes us feel frustrated but we need to stay calm and act like professional. Put your emotion away when you face this type of situation especially when you are attacked personally. Keep calm, try to identify the problem, let parent finish their words and try to find the best proper sentence to state your professional opinion.

Do not forget to also underline your statement that parent need to cooperate with daycare provider. Parents put their children in your daycare with a trust and you know it so you will not harm it. State it to parent. Say that it will be better to discuss in a positive behavior rather than debating without ending or keeping one opinion is better than the other. Always remember that both of you and daycare parent are in the same side to create the best environment and achievement for children.

Keep a detail documents dealing with children

You need to make a document regarding your interaction with daycare children. Record all the situational fact without involving your emotional feeling inside because it will not make your report balance. Do the same thing to your interaction with parent. Keep a record document of your interaction with daycare parent. Keep all the record like email, meeting note and phone call. Even though it seems taking time but it can provide you the needed evidence when you need it. It does not mean that you will use it to fight against parent. You will use it support your job to communicate better with parent and provide the best for children.

Have a supportive back up

No matter how hard you try, daycare provider is a human. Sometimes, we need to express or share our feeling to minimize burden in our heart. Find your trusted friend to share and provide the best advice and suggestion for your situation.

The most important thing to remember is always acting professionally and positive. Never put a word of enemy in your mind when you handle such difficult daycare parent. Try to find the best solution for both of you. The most important thing is children so always thinking about children needs above your emotion and parent act. Disagreement or discussion is only for gaining the best for daycare children sake.

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