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3 Things to Teach Daycare Children Respect Diversity

3 Things to Teach Daycare Children Respect Diversity

3 Things to Teach Daycare Children Respect Diversity

It is a common thing that daycare consist of various child from different ethnic background. It makes one of your important job is makes the student in your class feel comfort and welcome. Still cannot figure out what to do to create comfortable place for all child in your daycare. Be sure that all children will feel that daycare is the same as their home.

Try to follow several things below to make sure that all children from various cultures can feel warm and welcome:

Teach child about diversity

Teach child in your daycare to recognize about different culture. You may also ask them to join and celebrate various culture celebrations. Another great thing to do is ask each child to share their experience regarding with their culture diversity in front of other. Children also possible to take some toys, book or games that refer to their culture in your daycare.

If possible, you may also ask children and their family to come into your daycare and share about story, food or even music that related with their cultural diversity. There are several cultural holidays that also make you and children in your daycare to celebrate it together. It can be great ways to teach cultural diversity and make children respect the differences.

Provide diversity in learning environment

Another great ways to teach your children about cultural diversity is by creating the daycare learning environment that symbolizes diversity. You can try to do it through several ways like placing some art work, poster and picture that reflecting various culture. Besides that, you also can provide multicultural book to introduce your daycare children about various cultural background.

Make Curriculum based on diversity

If you want to teach daycare children about diversity then you will need to create curriculum that support it. Try to provide textbook or learning schedule that including various culture inside it. You may also introduce daycare children into various song and story.

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