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3 Simple Thanksgiving Games for Daycare Toddler Group

3 Simple Thanksgiving Games for Daycare Toddler Group

3 Simple Thanksgiving Games for Daycare Toddler Group

Daycare should be great place for children to learn, play and celebrate important event. You also can make a Thanksgiving celebration through held game for daycare children. I believe it can be a great ways to celebrate. Here are 3 types of daycare games that can be done by group during Thanksgiving time:

Turkey Hunt

This type of game is perfect to be played in a group by daycare children. What you need is just a kind of small stuffed turkey. Here is the games direction. Each child will have their turn to hide the turkey in certain area inside the room. The other children will try to looking for the turkey. When the seeker is looking on the wrong place then other children will be gobble softly. In the opposite, the gobble of other daycare children should be louder if the seeker is near with the turkey.

Thanksgiving dinner game

This game can be started by making a group of daycare children. Let them sit in a circle and positioned to face each other. The first children will tell what kind of food that he ate at Thanksgiving dinner. For example, the first child can say “In my Thanksgiving dinner, I ate turkey.” The next daycare children will need to add a dish on the first player food like “in my Thanksgiving dinner, I ate turkey and mashed potatoes”. The next children will also need to add the dish.

All the daycare children must add the dish and be sure that they repeat the previous added food in the right order. If there is any child that cannot repeat the word order correctly then he will out from the game. The last children that can stay still after the whole children out are the winner. This is absolutely fun and also useful for daycare children to train their memory and developing their vocabulary.

Pumpkin Racing

This pumpkin racing games will need two sticks and two pumpkins. Be sure that you choose 2 similar size of pumpkin. You can simply choose any size as long as it is not too big to roll by daycare children. The game is similar with other type of race but the children will not run by carrying the pumpkin. Daycare children will use the sticks to roll the pumpkins until it reach the finish line. This is perfect games not only to celebrate thanksgiving moment in your daycare but also train children physical skill.

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