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3 Most Common Preschool Children Behavior Problem to be Aware

3 Most Common Preschool Children Behavior Problem to be Aware

3 Most Common Preschool Children Behavior Problem to be Aware

Preschool is the common age when children behavior problem usually start to arise. There is various problem starts from temper tantrum, rude and even hard to listen to our word.  Children behavior problem itself actually comes from their difficulties to understand, control themselves and also problem to communicate well in verbal version. No matter what type of children behavior problem that shown by preschool, we can handle it through continuous patience and empathy.

To make sure that we can handle that children behavior problem then we need to recognize each type of the common problem. Here are 3 most common problems that usually happen to preschool children:

Temper tantrum

This type of children behavior problem is commonly can be recognized through some signs like crying, screaming, face turn in red and uncontrolled anger. In spite of all of the bad thought of tantrum, this is the result from desperate that feeling by children. Usually, this children behavior problem appears when children cannot get what they want or cannot simply communicate her feeling. Even though, it is often make parent also frustrated but it is a normal stage on preschool age children.

Less focus of attention span

Less focus is another type of common children behavior problem on preschooler children. You cannot simply push children sit down and listen to your word in a long time. In fact, they will get your point but will be easily distracted in the next minute. This is a normal children behavior problem since preschooler age cannot maintain long focus to one thing for a long period.

Interaction problem

Preschool age is the year where children start to make connection and communicate with their peer. In fact, they cannot simply develop their communication ability by themselves. They are learning to expand their communication ability in progress. The children behavior problem starts to arise when they learn to control themselves. Imagine how many new things that they have to learn and understand start from sharing toys with other, not to fight and other things. In fact, this children behavior problem is natural process that has to be faced by each preschool age children.

The best way to deal with preschooler behavior problem is by listen to them patiently, encourage them to communicate, showing your empathy and apply the right discipline system. Never ever handle children behavior problem with your anger since it will result nothing unless fighting. Try to explain them about negative effect of children behavior problem and always praise them when they are showing good behavior.

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