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3 Main Areas to Provide for Infant Daycare

3 Main Areas to Provide for Infant Daycare

3 Main Areas to Provide for Infant Daycare

Having a daycare that dealing with an infant is a hard job. We have to be responsible for children’s health, wealth and safety. At least we also provide a proper area for infant daily needs.  The requirement is also developed in such standard which need to be obey by all daycare providers. One of the requirements is the infant has to be separated from older children to avoid any safety and health concern. Here are 3 main areas that have to provide if you want to establish and infant day care:

Diaper changing area

This area is important to maintain infant health. Be sure that the diaper changing table or place is safe and sturdy. This place should make us easier to change baby diaper without any interruption. The diaper changing area on your daycare should have a sink for hand washing and receptacle for dirty diaper waste. It is better if we can find a container of dirty diapers that possible to open up without using our hands. Do not forget to prepare the entire needed item for diaper changing needs like diapers, rash cream, wipes and towel.

Playing area

This place must be prepared as clean and safe as possible because children will spend a lot of time here. Be sure that we choose a firm, sturdy furniture and equipment in this area. The toys itself has to be selected carefully. Choose the toys that do not contain any harm chemical substance, light enough and do not have sharp edges. It is better to choose toys that do not made from such small material to avoid any choking hazard. As suggested, children in our daycare will love toys that have various texture, shape and sound.

Sleeping or rest area

The sleeping area must be designed to create a calm and cozy environment. We can make a calm surround by painting the sky with the moon in the night or blue sky with the cloud on the ceiling. Be sure to provide enough crib, mattress or cot. It is simply because most states will not let us to make children in our daycare have to share the cribs. Each infant or children must have their own place to rest. It will better if we can provide complete sleeping equipment like a pillow, bumper, some animal dolls and blanket for children in our daycare.

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