3 Important Aspects to Consider when Purchasing Daycare Baby Cot

3 Important Aspects to Consider when Purchasing Daycare Baby CotDaycare baby cot is one of important furniture to prepare. This type of daycare supplies will be the place where children take rest or have their nap. This reason makes us urgently need to find baby cot that is not only comfortable but also safe enough. Here are 3 important aspects to consider before purchasing any daycare baby cot:

Daycare baby cot dimension

The best way to find proper baby cot for our daycare children is by following the product safety standards regulations of New Zealand. You better find the vertical cot bar that spaced around 50 up to 90 millimeters. Avoid purchasing any daycare baby cot with diagonal or horizontal bar since baby may climb from its side. For the top mattress base, it should not lower than the bottom of lowest rails position.

The range between cot edges and cots side of mattress centre should be strictly around 20 millimeters. More than 20 millimeters is not suggested. The standard is also arranged about the depth of lowest point of any side or end of the mattress. According to the regulation, the minimum depth should be around 600 millimeters.

Daycare baby cot construction

The other important aspect to consider before purchasing baby cot is the construction. Be sure that every part or component of the daycare baby cot already being fixed permanently. It is important to prevent to protect children from injury risk. The decoration or corner post should not more than 5 millimeters inside or outside of the cot.

Daycare baby cot should not have any sharp edges that may risk baby. The drop side part is also need to be easier in moving from its fastening mode. Be aware of the drop side. Make sure that the drop side of daycare baby cot is fixed securely to protect children and prevent them from opening the drop side.

Daycare baby cot label

Product safety standards regulations of New Zealand are also urgently advice to put some warning labels. Manufacturer is demand to put clear instruction about the daycare baby cot assembling beside maintenance and safety information. Permanent label is also need to inform the size of mattress. Daycare baby cot that still wrapped in plastic is also need to have suffocation warning label on it.