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3 Effective Ways to Teach Fun Math for Daycare Children

3 Effective Ways to Teach Fun Math for Daycare Children

3 Effective Ways to Teach Fun Math for Daycare Children

Daycare children should be taught about various skills including academic skills. One of important skills to teach is math. Unluckily, some children feel that math is a hard subject to learn. The best way to overcome this problem is by choosing the right method.  Forget about boring learning method that usually uses pencil and paper. You better start to teach your daycare children to counting. Begin with repetition or counting various items.

You just need to remember that each individual is different. That is why a kind of successful method for a child may not work well to other daycare children. Try to begin math teaching with counting, adding or reduction. Of course we will need to choose fun method to avoid boredom and attract daycare children attention. You may start with the following three ways:

Use the common items that easily to find in daily life

Teaching math to daycare children will be easier if we use common items that usually find in daily life. You may use button, pennies, books, can, cars, trees and other items. The usage of daily items can make children easier to understand the match counting concept than remembering abstract thing. Besides that, you just need to find the right method to teach math to daycare children.

Do some math games

There are various types of games that can change math into interesting and fun lesson for daycare children. One of games is playing the dice. Snakes and ladders are another way to teach children learning number from 1 up to 100. You just need to explore your creativity to find the right math games. Even a simple things like playing with water, spoon and bucket when take a bath can be fun ways to teach daycare children about math.

To avoid boredom, you can take daycare children to walk outside in the park or beach and use the clam, stone and other things to teach fun math. Cooking is also can be a fun ways to teach math. Just simply ask children to make bread and count it. In fact, we can teach daycare children about math anytime and anywhere. Even shopping time, washing or counting the vehicle that passing by.

Fun math method also can be gained by using teacher body part to learn math. Ask a simple math question to daycare children like how much their foot, ear, eye and etc. Let children using their finger to count. You may also ask them to play various games like building the blocks or cube. Playing with the cubes or box make you possible to do many math games like picking the color, matching, creating symmetrical design, make pattern and make a building.

It will absolutely more fun if we can teach math skills to daycare children by role playing as buyer and seller. You can simply put the math principles to the children during the buying and selling process. Children story will also add the joy during the math learning process.  It can be a great way to make children learning math voluntarily. Automatically, it will result better result than teaching children in such a boring and stressed situation.

Use the technological information to teach math to daycare children

Nowadays, children love to play with their gadgets. We can simply use this technological development by downloading various games that involve math concept. This is absolutely perfect ways to make children stay enjoy the math lesson since you apply various methods. The key of success to teach math to daycare children is not depend on how much they can get inside our mind concept but how far we can get inside daycare children world and teach math with pattern that easier to be understand by them.

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