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3 Best Daycare Games to Train Children Cooperation

3 Best Daycare Games to Train Children Cooperation

3 Best Daycare Games to Train Children Cooperation

It is a part of daycare responsibility to support children development. We can achieve it through providing lesson method that can be easily grabbed by children. It will be much easier if we can teach children about valuable thing through games. Games can make us easier to transfer things that children should learn or achieve. We can use games to raise children’s motor skill, language skill, making decisions and also social cooperation. Teach children of our daycare will learn the value of cooperation with other children by making the games together. Unluckily, most of us do not recognize that games usually only point on the winner and loser without creating space for children cooperation. That is why most games that held in daycare just make children recognize the value of failure and incompetence. Here are several types of games that we can try to teach cooperation for children in our daycare:

Dragon tail game

This is a perfect example for the children’s cooperation game in daycare. Firstly, ask children to make a straight line. Instruct them to hold in the waist of friend in front of them. The child that takes the front line will be played as the dragon head while the child in the back is the dragon tail. Do not forget to put a scarf or fabric that attached into the last child belt loop. The children that act as the dragon head will try any effort to get the scarf or fabric in the dragon tail. This game will teach cooperation among daycare children. Children who act as the dragon body or in the middle of first and last child will try to work together to protect last children or the dragon tail so that they can prevent dragon head get the scarf or fabric.

Musical chair game

The common musical chair game that most of us know maybe only set few winners. If we want to train children of our daycare about the importance of cooperation then we can make a little bit modification. First, set two lines of chair back to back. Make sure that there is less one chair for all children that follow the game. Play the music and instruct children to hurrying choose a chair and sit down immediately when they hear the music stop. Do not forget to instruct them that the goal is to get chair for everyone. When all of them get the chair then we can continue the music. Remember to decrease one chair every round. It will automatically teach children to cooperate together so that each child will get the seat.  They will learn to share by sharing the space on the chair, sitting on the other children lap and etc.

Keep the balloon up

Blow one or several balloons with the same amount as children of daycare who play it. Tell them that they are not allowed to keep the balloon in the air by using their hands. They only may use their elbow or blow it. The key is cooperating together to make sure that the balloon near them will not fall down to the ground.

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