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3 Best Activities to Develop Daycare Toddler Social Skills

3 Best Activities to Develop Daycare Toddler Social Skills

3 Best Activities to Develop Daycare Toddler Social Skills

Daycare is responsible to support child development.  In toddler case, it means that we need to provide the right activity to make them enjoy and spend fun time. Not only have fun, we are also encouraged to find the proper method to give enough knowledge base for toddler for their educational future. Toddler need to learn basic academic skill, motor skill, sensor skill and social skill. All of those skills need to be learned and cannot they reach instantly. The social skill is important to learn since it will be useful for toddler future life whether it is in their school or life. As a daycare provider, we need to do such proactive effort to recognize the urgent value of being socialized with the peer. Set some plan to create cooperative games or activity so that the toddler in our daycare can feel the positive social environment. Finally they can imitate and adopt it in their future life. To erase our confusion how making it, here are the best 3 of daycare toddler activity to raise their social skill development.

Make them find partners for the activity

In general, most toddlers may find that partnering is difficult because it is not that easy to find someone who can easily cooperate. It has even happened to the extrovert children that usually indicate as the easiest person to make a relationship with a new person. Make children find partner based on their name list, their seat or let them free to choose. We are also possible to pair toddler of our daycare during circle time. Pairing toddler during physical activity with music played is also a great option. Ask them to hold hand each other and dance or jump together.

Playground fun time

The playground is absolutely the best time when children have fun and socialize with others. The playground is also equipped with tools that support children socializing time. The example of it is toddler seesaw. This playground makes daycare toddler possible to look at each other cooperate to make a push and release action. Chase or hide and seek is also great game letting children train their socialization skill. During the games, children can cooperate to follow the rules so that the games can continue and run smoothly.

Make toddler of our daycare do activity in pairs based on their interest

Ask them to find a partner that has the same interest to do activities together. This is an effective ways to let children acknowledge their peer interest and finding something in common. Based on that, we can make an activity plan that the toddler of our daycare to do together. The type of activity can be drawn together, water table, building city block, gardening and many others. Doing the same activity together can make a toddler of our daycare socialize well than before with their peers.

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