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2 Important Multicultural Issues in Daycare

2 Important Multicultural Issues in Daycare

2 Important Multicultural Issues in Daycare

Multiculturalism can be found everywhere including in daycare. This type of multiculturalism can lead into various problems if children do not get sufficient guidance. It is simply because daycare children often have less knowledge about ethnic group that different with their origin. Of course, you will need to set proper curriculum to accommodate every child with various background in your daycare.

Here are 2 common multicultural issues that usually happen in daycare:


Exclusion is one of common thing to happen. To prevent this happen in your daycare, you will need to find the best way to teach daycare children recognize and respect the diversity. Set a group activity that consists of children from various race, background or belief. By doing this, you can teach them to cooperate together without seeing the differences as something to avoid.

The type of exclusion that may also happen in your daycare without proper teaching can be exclusion during playing time just simply because certain child has different race, religion and background. Try as much as possible to involve and give the same opportunity to each child. You are even can held some presentation ask where each daycare children have to tell about their race, religion, background and other interesting detail.

Racist Remarks

Racist remark is another type of lack teaching of understanding the differences importance. Daycare children may tend to name other children with different cultures with bad naming or judgment if they have lack proper teaching about multiculturalism. As provider, you should never do name calling. If you find that any daycare children do the name calling, try to give clear and proper statement that this is wrong.

Daycare children need to know the concept of multiculturalism, recognizing it, understanding it and respect it. Early recognition will create better person for future. Sometimes, children just do not know that they are doing something wrong. This is our responsibility to teach them about the right thing and proper react toward multiculturalism. With proper teaching, daycare children will not see other child with different culture as strange or bad thing but something to respect.

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