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11 Real Benefit of Story Telling for Daycare Children

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11 Real Benefit of Story Telling for Daycare Children

Daycare children need to be taught such a fun and enjoyable situation. One of learning method is by story telling time. Most of us may already know that story telling is always identically referred to infant and toddler. In fact, fairy tales is a kind of fun and useful for toddler. There are various popular story like the little red riding hood, cinderella, snow white, peter pan and many others also carry great value and touching message.

Story telling time can be a great ways for you to teach daycare children about good deeds. What you need is just spend some time to tell the story and let the daycare children learn the valuable message inside it. Fairy tale or child story is a result form imaginary process that said orally with full of improve. There are various point of view, character and story pattern. Everyone can telling story as long s they want to provide the time. Here are several benefits of telling story for daycare children:

Improving daycare children speaking ability

Telling story time that held in daily basis can improve children speaking ability. It is simply because it can provide wider vocabulary for children. Automatically it can affect daycare children speaking ability.

Developing daycare children language skills

During the telling story time, daycare children will hear various sentence patterns. Automatically it will improve children language ability.

Increasing children reading attraction

Nowadays, children are likely less intention to read. They are often get more attracted to watch their TV, play games and busy with their gadget. In fact, they can learn that reading habit is something fun and useful since they get used to hear story since early age. High attraction to read will bring great impact to daycare children skill development and achievement in the future.

Developing children thinking and problem solving ability

Believe it or not, telling story time since early age can increase daycare children ability to think about certain problem and how to solve it. Children will be easier to find the best solution when they face problem since they are trained to think when they hear the story.

Stimulate children imagination and creativity

Creativity is one of important skills that need to be increased since early age. You can train children to get used to develop their creativity by telling them story. It is automatically makes children able to imagine about their world better.

Help to develop children emotion

Telling story can be our great way to teach daycare children to develop their emotional feeling.

Introducing morality and other great value in life

It cannot be denied that telling story can be an effective ways to teach daycare children about valuable things that they should learn as basic value like respect, honesty, loyalty, love, patience and others. It is great since children can learn various valuable morality values in such fun and enjoyable moment. It is better than straightly stated and make daycare children to memorize it in such an abstract thing.

Introducing new ideas

It cannot be denied that telling a story can make children become more creative and find other new idea.

Introducing to various culture

Story is a great media to introduce other culture to daycare children. They can learn it through the story, the character and other aspects. Automatically, children will learn better about other culture rather than memorizing it on their mind abstractly.

Greta relaxation media

Children in early age often get tired and bored to study in such same pattern. Telling story time can be their way out to avoid boredom and free their mind.

Create stronger bound with daycare children.

You can build greater connection with daycare children by telling them story in a routine schedules. This activity can create stronger bond and make you get closely connected with you. Automatically, you can build better daycare children personality when they related closer with you.

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