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10 Tips to Choose Great Multicultural Books for Daycare Children

2 Basic Tips to Select Books for Daycare Children

10 Tips to Choose Great Multicultural Books for Daycare Children

Daycare children should not only learn about academic, creativity or cooperation. They will also need to introduce into the concept of diversity. This concept can be taught through multicultural books. I bet most of you still confuse to choose this type of books. To make you easier, take a look at the following 10 tips to choose multicultural books for daycare children:

Choose a multicultural character

Try to looking for books that is not only showing that certain culture always get the success. It will be better if your daycare children that character that showing other culture are also possible to gain great success or showing great behavior. It is important simply because daycare children will keep that concept in mind. They usually see the character that success or has responsible behavior as their role model. It will be great if you can find books for daycare children with rounded characters.

Make sure that the book is accurate in historical side

It means that it will be better if you can find the author that make the book with correct date, description or even other supporting fact based on the real condition. More specific books will be great for daycare children. Your multicultural books will also be better if it mention the country or hometown rather than only mention based on region like Asia or Africa. Of course you will need to read and make a carefully research before purchasing any books for your daycare children.

Check the book author biography

It is better if you can provide multicultural books for your daycare children that made by someone who really involve into the event even though it is not a strict rules to follow.

Choose multicultural books for daycare children that using appropriate language.

You better read and check the book thoroughly rather than simply looking at the title or summary. It is simply needed to avoid any improper language that may used to be seen by your daycare children.

Try to look for books that represent cultures as they are nowadays

It will be helpful for daycare children to read  books that represent cultures as they are today to help contemporize them for children.

Provide books that using equal tone that victimizing one

Choose the book that has the equal tone rather than has victimizing tone that usually reflects the minority. It is important since daycare children will use the entire books element as their learning point.

Provide books that use another culture language

Choose multicultural books that showing another culture language. It will be useful for teaching daycare children and make the story more realistic.

Choose the books that showing various individual character rather than just their race or background.

It will be a great lesson for daycare children since they can see the character as individual and more than just see them based on their background or race diversity.

Do not provide books that using images of certain ethnic group

You better avoid this type of books to avoid any stereotype thinking on daycare children mind.

Do not provide books that put the minority character aside.

It is not good to let daycare children get exposed with unhealthy relationship image. If the books that they read always showing that minority always extended in the relationship and other life aspect then they may get misconception. It is better if you can provide books for daycare children that make them understand that everyone can make mistake, face difficulties and try to find solution for it.