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10 Best Parenting Tips for Working Parent

10 Best Parenting Tips for Working Parent

10 Best Parenting Tips for Working Parent

Parenting is important thing for children growth and development in the future. Raising children is not easy especially for working couple. When both parents are working, it will be need an extra work to raise children. Extra work and attention is needed to make sure that the balance condition of work and house living can be obtained. Here are the 10 basic parenting tips for working parent:

Time allocation

Great connection between parents and children will need some time to gather physically. No need to spend several hours. Most important of working parents parenting aspect is spending a consistent time together in each day. When you are with them, put the whole of your attention and concentration to them. Stay away from your work, your business call and many others. This is an effective parenting ways since it will make children easily feel your truly love and affection for them.

Be a good listener

Children will be more encourage to share their minds and feeling when we can show them that we are really listen to them. Never pretend to listen while doing your job or other. Reduce your criticism or under estimate action toward children word is need to apply in good parenting. If we cannot act as good listener, children will be throw theirselves from you and get closer to their friend. If you want to keep your control on parenting and your children life then you really need to be a good listener.

Set a clear expectation.

Explain our expectation clearly to children will be the next aspect on parenting for working parent. Never showing your uncertainty to ask them involve during daily household or finishing the job around your house. Firstly, most children will feel it hard to do. However, children that usually involved during the household will have working ethic. They will feel as a part of family member so that they also have responsibility to do the job.

Never let children keep your guilty feeling

There are so many working parents that feel guilty because they spend most of their time outside of home. As compensation, they will let children to do negative behavior or showing indiscipline action.  This is absolutely wrong parenting ways. A great parent is a strict one that can differentiate between compensation of leaving their children at home with setting the right rules to obey at home to build children character. Showing them love, affection while keep the rules will be a sign of great parenting.

Never replace your affection with money

It is absolutely great thing if we can teach children to control their money but it does not mean that we can use money to replace our time, love and affection. In fact, television already delivers the consumptive and materialism message to attract our children in purchasing many things. Never let your guilty feeling becomes your basic parenting style. Make them to try or showing their effort before get something. Anything that obtained through hard work will make them realize how difficult to get something that they want. Good parenting style will make children see many things more valuable than before.

Do not so often to change your nanny or daycare

One of basic psychological needs of children is gaining continuous parenting and affection. That is we will need somebody to take care of our children when we are going to work. Try to provide a chance so that the nanny or daycare staff can build close relationship with children. Too often changing nanny or daycare can bring danger to children since we cannot clearly see the communication and connection between them. You better have a regular nanny or daycare where you can communicate your parenting ways with them.

Always give proper supervision for children

There are many cases happen that children usually involve in problem when they are not supervise by their parents. It is natural actually. It is simply because children cannot automatically recognize which one is right or wrong since they were born. They need to teach through great parenting and supervision. That is why you need to know where they are, with whom and doing what. At first, they may feel discomfort if always being supervised. In fact, unsupervised children will feel that their parent do not care at all.

Praise them when they showing good behavior

Have you ever realize that you pay more attention to children when they make a problem? It seems that it is more difficult to see their good behavior. If you want your children to do good behavior then you will need to pay attention on their favorite thing. If children feel careless, they are commonly do mistake to attract your attention. I will not say that it will be easy bit it is worthy to try if you want to apply good parenting style.

Remember that punishment is only used to educate

It is such undeniable fact that working parent commonly feels tired and easy to get angry because of overload burden at the office. This makes most of us becomes so easy to punish children. Just try to never punish your child when we cannot control ourselves because the only thing that we will get is regret. They just do many mistakes to get your attention but you pay this with punishment. Imagine how it hurt their feeling. Do some educate punishment rather than punishment to hurt them physically or psychological.

Give a great role model

Believe it or not, children learn how to connect with other or communicate from their parent. Children will tend to feel save when they see that their parent treat well each other. We can set great role model if we love each other. Never get angry, heavy debate or even quarrelling in front of children because it will affect how they think and act in the future.

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