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Types of Creative Daycare Supplies for Toddler Learning part 2

Types of Creative Daycare Supplies for Toddler Learning part 2

Another daycare supplies that will loved by toddler is listening song. During 18 month up to 3 years old, they will love to hear such kind of short song. Short song is chosen to show that we care about their ability to follow. Based on that, it is better for us to play short songs or singing for them. Short song chosen since children on this age only can remember a few word at a time. Do not only stop in playing or singing song. Combine the usage of our daycare supplies with doing some motion or action. It will automatically help children to get easier in remembering order. Repeating the song to make them easier to memorize and learn words correctly. Repeating the rhymes and let children learn about the rhymes through clapper tap into some metal material. Use daycare supplies like stereo or radio to play the song and do some hop, punch the air or stand in their food. It is a good type of day care activity to make them move and exercise at the same time. Maintain children attention is not as easy as we think. It is simply because their attention easily distracted. If their attention starts to distract then turn into other daycare supplies that we have in our child care.

As I said before that story books that completed with picture is a good choice of daycare supplies. Reading or telling children a story is commonly loved by them. However, we need to choose a simple kind of books to avoid any distraction. Toddler still has less memorize so better choose the same rhyme or repeated. Choose the story that has same words or repeated phrase. Use our daycare supplies like book or hand puppet to tell a story. This kind of activity will help them with language skill and memory development. We are also can tell a story to transfer essential value like honesty, friendship, manner or respect. It will be a great equipment to teach them what should do and what kind of behavior to avoid. It is even better if we can provide daycare supplies like books that described about body part, family, animal and other thing that familiar with their surroundings. Let them to turn the pages to make them feel that they also have control. We also can use books with interesting picture and let them exploring what is the picture about.  Soft book is a kind of daycare supplies inventory that is great as beginning. 2 years old toddler will love to learn book that detailed on shape and color while 3 years old will attracted to letter and number.

Do not forget to choose short book story as our daycare supplies and the one that have happy ending for our preschool age. Toddler cannot understand the concept of other people point of view. To make them easier to understand the story, we can simply change the character’s name with their name. It is also great ways to maintain their attention. This age is the time for toddler to explore the world surrounds them. It is simply better to choose a book or story that has close relationship with the experience that they have in their daily life. Providing complete books as our daycare supplies is not only the correct way. We also need to guide them during the learning process. Be sure that we are also listening to them since toddler are very talkative. Being a good listener should be putted in our to do list. Being their teacher that always accompanies them is good but being their friend is far better. Last but not east is choosing the proper daycare supplies furniture for toddler. Purchase the kind of furniture that is firm and sturdy to eliminate the possibilities of get falling since toddler like to hang or grip into anything. Not only that, choose daycare supplies furniture that do not have sharp edges that potentially hurt toddler.

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