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The Need of Fruit and Vegetable for Daycare Children

As daycare provider, you will need to pay attention toward daycare children nutrition. Daycare children may avoid to eat fruit and vegetable because of some reasons. Those reason are the taste or even the presentation that do not attractive at all. Fruit and vegetable is not only good for children health but also for those who have need to diet. It is simply because each fruit and vegetable contain sufficient nutrient for body development.

The Need of Fruit and Vegetable for Daycare Children

It is commonly happen that children do not get used to eat fruit and vegetable. You can try to overcome this problem through giving daily example. If the daycare children seing you eating fruit and vegetable in daily basis then they will automatically follow your habit. You may also try to set the routine of consuming various fruit and vegetables together in the daycare.

The words that children will learn through example is a real. Showing your habit to consume fruit and vegetable will prove this words. When children reach their toddler age, they often get more independent to choose their food and become picky eater. It may takes time but you can try to erase it as long as you know how to present it as interesting as possible. The key is stay patience.

Fruit and vegetable is rich of vitamin C and folic acid that have full benefit to prevent cancers and heart disease. That is the reason why you better try to make daycare children get used to consume fruit and vegetable. It may hard to ask children get used with fruit and vegetable since they prefer to consume sugary snack and high fat food. Do not hesitate to try again and again when you find children refuse to eat or leave the fruit and vegetable on their plate.

The Need of Fruit and Vegetable for Daycare Children

Let children try various fruit and vegetable so that they get used to consume any kind of fruit and vegetable not only the one that they prefer. Any amount that children take is better than giving up to their refused action. Put fruit and vegetable in their daily menu to make them familiar with it. You can try to involve them during the preparation time and makes attractive presentation to make them interested.

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