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5 Basic Rules for Children to Teach in Daycare

Friday, September 20th, 2013:

Daycare condition is different with the homey condition where children usually face. That is why we need to teach children the basic rules so that they can find out what is the proper thing to do during their activity in daycare.  Basically, the rule is about how children should behave toward their teacher, peer in daycare and also get used to be in daycare environment. Those rules are: How to walk properly around daycare area The most popular term is ‘walking feet’. It means that daycare children are suggested to walk calmly and not running around everywhere. Explain to children […] Read More →

Tips to be a Great Daycare Teacher

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013:

Daycare job is never getting easy especially if it is dealing with children. Each of them has their own personality and behavior to handle. However, as a teacher, we need to make sure that we give fully support for daycare children so that they can reach their developmental level and keep enjoying the whole process. The difficult part here is how to make the learning keep going while maintaining children attention. It will be more difficult if we are handling toddler who seems to have tons of energy and easier to get distract. If you feel that you face difficulties […] Read More →

Simple Tips to Arrange Teacher Supplies for Preschool

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013:

Teacher supplies are needed to be correctly provided for the children under our supervision on the daycare. The problem will be wider when we need to keep the supplies stay arranged. In fact, supervising many children already become a busy task to do. It have to be added with our effort to maintain all of the supplies to keep well arranged. We know that children have millions energy to move around, playing and make a mess with all of the teaching supplies. It is rarely found that they can be asked to put back all of the teacher supplies that […] Read More →

How to Reduce The Budget for Preschool Teacher Supplies

Monday, April 15th, 2013:

Teacher supplies seems to be endless source of expense. It can be seen from many educational stock like paper, pen, pencil, color, paints and many other that need to be provided. We can not deny the need of preparing all of this things for the children under our supervision. It is simply because children need something to maintain their attention. For preschool, proper teacher supplies are important to support the children playing and learning time. However, we have to be clever to choose which kind of teaching supplies that perfect to help us stimulate children basic skills. Unluckily, teacher have […] Read More →

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