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Revealing the Types of Daycare Supplies that Useful for Multiple Intelligence

Friday, June 21st, 2013:

Daycare supplies that we provide for children under our daycare supervision must be proper not only for their fun playing time but also learning time. Have you ever heard about multiple intelligences? In fact, children have different type of intelligence like some children may learn well through music while others can do better if using picture. This kind of multiple intelligences will help us to reach all of children with different kind of intelligence reach. Even if our daycare is just a home daycare but we also need to transfer knowledge in order to our responsibility when receiving children from […] Read More →

7 Cheap Items for Daycare Supplies Storage

Friday, May 24th, 2013:

The routine job of day care provider is creating a clean environment and providing the needed daycare supplies. This clean lines have to be maintained every single day. To support this daily job, we can  make it easier if we already set all the supplies into well arranged. It is simply because if it is good arranged then we can do the sanitize work much easier since we  do not need to spend much time to arrange it first. Imagine that we have to clean our day care floor while it is full covered with various toys, book, mat, blanket […] Read More →

The Most Perfect Daycare Art Supplies for Preschooler Child

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013:

Daycare supplies have to be provided properly to support children development. If we want to provide the best service for children under our supervision then we have to pay attention to their age. Children with different age will have different need of supplies. Preschooler will need proper supplies to support their development. Usually, we teach preschooler with some fun educational activity. Commonly we teach them to learn alphabet, number and other basic skills through game or playful method. Actually, we also can teach our preschool children through art project. By doing this, we can develop their creativity which is essential […] Read More →

Simple Tips to Arrange Teacher Supplies for Preschool

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013:

Teacher supplies are needed to be correctly provided for the children under our supervision on the daycare. The problem will be wider when we need to keep the supplies stay arranged. In fact, supervising many children already become a busy task to do. It have to be added with our effort to maintain all of the supplies to keep well arranged. We know that children have millions energy to move around, playing and make a mess with all of the teaching supplies. It is rarely found that they can be asked to put back all of the teacher supplies that […] Read More →

How to Reduce The Budget for Preschool Teacher Supplies

Monday, April 15th, 2013:

Teacher supplies seems to be endless source of expense. It can be seen from many educational stock like paper, pen, pencil, color, paints and many other that need to be provided. We can not deny the need of preparing all of this things for the children under our supervision. It is simply because children need something to maintain their attention. For preschool, proper teacher supplies are important to support the children playing and learning time. However, we have to be clever to choose which kind of teaching supplies that perfect to help us stimulate children basic skills. Unluckily, teacher have […] Read More →

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