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4 Types of Daycare Supplies for Parent to Help Provide

Thursday, January 30th, 2014:

Daycare supplies seem like endless expense. It is simply because there are a lot of supplies to provide while the economical condition gets higher. The best way to overcome this problem is asking parent involvement to help provide the daycare supplies. These supplies will be used and shared by all children. Just be sure that the daycare supplies to provide by parent are categorized by simple and not bring great burden to parent. Daycare classroom supplies The first type of daycare supplies that you can ask parent to help provide is the classroom supplies. Of course, the supplies will be […] Read More →

Fun Interesting Ways to Teach Daycare Children about Healthy Food

Sunday, July 7th, 2013:

Having a daycare means we are taking responsibilities from the parents. That is why we should take care of children health and safety. One of the most important thing to think about is children’s consumption pattern. In fact, children commonly deal with big portion sizes or lack of fruit and vegetables. Not only that, in most cases we can find children are getting used to consume over processed snacks and sweet. This is the pattern that we should avoid to have in our daycare. You do not want the student have problem about blood sugar and blood pressure right? That […] Read More →

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