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6 Top Equipments for Daycare Infant and Toddler

Saturday, March 15th, 2014:

Daycare infant and toddler will need proper equipment to provide. It is simply because that equipment will be primarily need to fulfill children needs. Infant and toddler age will need more attention and supervision since they are commonly like to explore new thing on their surroundings. However, you will need to wisely choose proper equipment for daycare infant and toddler to maintain their safety, healthy and developmental stages. Here are 6 type of best equipment that you better provide for your daycare infant and toddler: Proper age of toys Infant and toddler is the age where children get their most […] Read More →

Parent Safety Checklist for Daycare Preschool Playground

Monday, July 29th, 2013:

Basically, there are 13 aspects that should be checked by parents when they visit their preschool daycare playground. Those aspects are as follow: Be sure that the playground structure is designed properly for preschool children How long the playground structure is being used? Do the daycare already do some update or renovation to maintain children safety. Check whether the daycare is already inspected by trusted inspector from CPSI Does the daycare already explain clearly to the preschool children about the safety rules and potential hazard? Check the daycare staff and children ration when they are playing outside. Find out whether […] Read More →

Complete Guidelines for Daycare Preschool Playground part 1

Saturday, July 27th, 2013:

Children no matter where will love to play. That is why even a daycare need to provide playground area for children. However, parents and the provider will need to consider about children safety when they are playing freely in such an outdoor playground. The playground is important to provide since it can be the perfect place where children can do various physical activity. They can do many things like climb, run, jump, roll and many others. The kinds of physical activity that they do in the outdoor playground are not only preventing the boredom of many hours inside the daycare […] Read More →

4 Important Aspects to Consider when Choosing Playground Equipment

Friday, July 26th, 2013:

Playground is one of important supplies that every daycare must have. This playground helps us to provide an active life style space than just let children stay in front of the television along the day. However, we cannot simply choose and buy the playground that we want. We will need to take a look at sport and structure.  Most of all put the safety aspect as our main concern when choosing daycare playground. Here are the 4 basic aspects to consider: Safety aspects Kids always have tons of energy. It makes them always move around. They can jump, run, swing […] Read More →

Revealing the Types of Daycare Supplies that Useful for Multiple Intelligence

Friday, June 21st, 2013:

Daycare supplies that we provide for children under our daycare supervision must be proper not only for their fun playing time but also learning time. Have you ever heard about multiple intelligences? In fact, children have different type of intelligence like some children may learn well through music while others can do better if using picture. This kind of multiple intelligences will help us to reach all of children with different kind of intelligence reach. Even if our daycare is just a home daycare but we also need to transfer knowledge in order to our responsibility when receiving children from […] Read More →

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