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Green Daycare 7 Easy Steps to Create

Friday, September 22nd, 2017:

Green Daycare 7 Easy Steps to Create Green daycare is not only a dream right now. We are even can create it on our own. Nowadays, parent will not only looking for daycare that provide great learning curriculum and great staff but also caring the environment. It is simply because, daycare that showing commitment to protect environment can teach children good value since early age. Environment friendly can be called as green daycare. This type of daycare provide environmentally friendly product and non toxic space. Letting children under supervision of green daycare can bring safe feeling toward parent since their […] Read More →

How to Make New Children Get Comfort in Your Daycare

Saturday, October 5th, 2013:

Daycare obstacle is often happen when receiving new children. It is not easy to make new children feel enjoy, get comfort and involved in daily activity as the other. It is mainly because each new comer will need some time to get use with new environment and new people that they never meet. Since the era is changing, daycare is not only taking role baby sit but also teaching children and make sure that they can reach their development properly. We have to know how to make them comfort before teach them. Offer visiting tour Offer a visiting tour for […] Read More →

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