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7 Ways to Get Fundraising for Our Preschool Daycare

Thursday, April 25th, 2013:

Having a non profit preschool daycare is not an easy task. Commonly, we are facing big problem dealing with the budget. Just imagine, there are so many expense allocated for the facility, supplies, and staff to keep the preschool running. While other preschool or daycare that orientate in budget can easily fulfilled their need to provide the supplies for children learning process, the non profit preschool daycare have to find another way. For us who still can not figure out the thing that we can do to get money to keep our preschool running may follow the suggestion below: Do […] Read More →

5 Consideration Before Choosing Preschool Daycare

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013:

Choosing the right preschool daycare is very essential thing especially if our children are ready to start learning. Make a great decision is not an easy thing. To be sure that we can choose the right preschool and daycare, we can follow the 6 suggestion below: Make a priority scale to choose preschool daycare. If we want to make sure that we do not make any mistake then we can make priority scale. Be sure about the kind of daycare that we want. Consider about the location, the method, approach, supplies choice and others. If we want to have a […] Read More →

5 Tips to Choose Best Preschool Daycare

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013:

Preschool daycare commonly become our choice when we need places for our children to play and learn while we are leaving them to work.  However, there are a lot of preschool that available. How to choose the most suitable one? If we have the same question in mind then we can consider to the following item to make good decision on finding the right preschool for our child. These are the items to consider: Find a preschool daycare that teach our children the alphabet of ABC and numbers. Choose preschool that teach children through educational playing to maintain their health […] Read More →

How To Do The Effective Childcare Marketing

Monday, April 22nd, 2013:

Childcare marketing is an essential part of our childcare business. Our succeed will be count on our ability to do the marketing method. Many of us may become confused on how to get the potential client. The problem any arise for the small entrepreneur in childcare business. It is mainly because they do not have many experience on how to do the effective marketing method or limited budget.In fact, childcare marketing is not hard to be done. Just try to follow steps below to gain successful marketing without hiring professional or spend much money on marketing field: 1. Market research […] Read More →

4 Main Benefits of Preschool Daycare

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013:

Preschool daycare become famous among parents. It is simply because many parents decide to work and they need such places to take care of their child. Actually there are so many types of places to leave children while working. Preschool and daycare is just one option among others. There are in home daycare, daycare center or even hire a nanny. However, preschool have differences with the other daycare. Preschool offer not only carefully attention to our child but also help them to learn. Automatically, preschool daycare give better choice for working parents. Many parents may still have a doubt whether […] Read More →

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