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Best Way to Deal With Bad Daycare Children Habit

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015:

The duty and responsibility of daycare provider is not easy because they have to deal with bad daycare children habit. Most parent will stuck into desperate feeling when have to face it. In fact, before trying to change this habit then you will need to understand completely about the reason behind the occurrence of the habit itself. Some bad habit comes up as a result of the insecure feeling such as tired, bored, asleep, stress or unhappy. The bad habit becomes their way to express the insecure feeling. Somehow, this bad habit works to make them gets calm. The first […] Read More →

The Need of Fruit and Vegetable for Daycare Children

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015:

As daycare provider, you will need to pay attention toward daycare children nutrition. Daycare children may avoid to eat fruit and vegetable because of some reasons. Those reason are the taste or even the presentation that do not attractive at all. Fruit and vegetable is not only good for children health but also for those who have need to diet. It is simply because each fruit and vegetable contain sufficient nutrient for body development. It is commonly happen that children do not get used to eat fruit and vegetable. You can try to overcome this problem through giving daily example. […] Read More →

Best Way to Handle Daycare Children Crying Habit

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015:

In fact, daycare children may crying because of some simple reason. The example of reason behind the crying can be the dislike of snack that provided or the unwilling to take the nap time. The temperature of room that can be too hot or too cold may also causing children cry. The program that set may do not interesting for them. It may resulting frustate feeling. If this is the suspected reason then you better provide more time for art projects or outside play time. Another reason that may causing daycare children seems to cry a lot is the problem […] Read More →

Best Way for Daycare Provider to Create Supporting Environment Part 2

Monday, June 8th, 2015:

Find out and minimize ‘runways’ Some common mistake that made by daycare provider is not realize the existence of runways. Long and narrow spaces such as classroom aisle or open hallways can be a great area for children to running around. If you want to minimize the runways that may cause unexpected accident then you better break up the long and narrow space. You can try to rearrange the daycare furniture and adding some barrier. Set some seating area or small tables are also helpful for this. Provide sufficient toys Toys and children cannot be separated. That is the reason […] Read More →

Best Way for Daycare Provider to Create Supporting Environment Part 1

Monday, June 1st, 2015:

Having job as daycare provider is not an easy task. You will need to make sure that you can create supporting daycare environment for children activity. In fact, children love to explore their surroundings. Without proper environment setting, you will not be able to explore children creativity and learning. Next important thing to create is safe exploration. It is closely related with children habit to do various things and trying new thing in endless energy. Children in daycare can simply put anything in their mouth, drop, throw, climb or even hide. That is why you will need to create safe […] Read More →

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