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How to Do Proper Daycare Cleaning

Saturday, February 6th, 2016:

It is undeniable thing that daycare cleaning need to be done properly in order to maintain children health. Besides that, keep it always clean makes us easier to make sure that children under our supervision will stay safe. One more benefit of doing proper cleaning is to make a balance emotional among children and provider. With a clean and well maintained environment, daycare provider can do their work better. Do the daycare cleaning routinely will help you to maintain children health since you can minimize the disease possibility. The contamination of germs will be reduced since the surface is always […] Read More →

Christmas Craft Activity for Daycare Children

Saturday, December 5th, 2015:

When the cold winter attack, the daycare children often get lack chance to go outside. Spending most of the time inside the daycare often make children feel bored. To avoid boredom, you can try to make some simple Christmas craft together. Imagine how much fun that you may get when you can decorate the Christmas tree together. Here are series of enjoyable Christmas craft activity that you can do along with children under your supervision: Pompom bauble To make pompom bauble, you will need the blue wool. Besides that, you will need to prepare an old cardboard box. First thing […] Read More →

Improving 3 Years Old Daycare Children Knowledge Through Media

Sunday, November 1st, 2015:

If you are having preschool daycare children under your supervision then you will need to find a proper way to make their interest toward media can be a positive one. In fact, 3 years old children usually get connected a lot with media. It may carries such problem later if you just letting them connected too much with media without proper control. You better start to acknowledge yourself to support their development and increasing their creativity. What you need to do is being creative to use their interest toward media. When your 3 years old daycare children tell you that […] Read More →

Best Methods to Make Daycare Children Love Learning

Monday, October 19th, 2015:

Making daycare children love to learn is not an easy way since they are commonly more interested in playing rather than learning. The key to create love learning habit is providing the best motivation. That is why you need to make them understand about the needs of hard effort, face the challenge and the importance of persistence. By understanding the correlation between those three things, children can build a stronger individual. So, how to make them love to learn? Here are the ways: Create a fun learning Do not push too hard on yourself to thinking a complicated way. In […] Read More →

How to Support Daycare Children Development Milestone

Thursday, October 8th, 2015:

Every daycare children will go through the milestone to build their competence. However, not all children can achieve the developmental milestone as normally other children reach. So what is the best action to deal with it? First of all, you need to realize that each child is unique. Based on this, you will understand that they have their own phase to meet the developmental milestone. Some children may get it earlier while some other may get it a little bit late. If you already understand this point of view then there will be no excessive worry when your child cannot […] Read More →

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