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Complete List of Basic Daycare Supplies and Equipment for Toddler

Monday, April 13th, 2015:

If you are planning to provide daycare service for toddler then you will need to provide proper daycare supplies and equipment. You will need to supply the one that matched with toddler needs since they have different need than the preschooler one. Even toys and equipment that you provide is also need to be properly prepared. First of all, check the state requirement of basic list of equipment. Check the state guidelines before purchasing daycare supplies and equipment. The main key is always remember that toddler will need more than just toys and equipment than creating for fun but also […] Read More →

List of Important Daycare Supplies and Equipment Inventory

Saturday, May 4th, 2013:

Providing ┬áproper daycare supplies and equipment for our daycare is important if we want to open a new daycare. In fact, there are many types of supplies or equipment available in the market. To make sure that we will not make any mistake in choosing wrong type of supplies then we should check out our state requirements first. It is needed to find out because each state have different requirement. However, there are basic standard of common daycare supplies and equipment that we should provide. When we are preparing for their supplies, we need to keep in mind that we […] Read More →

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