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Yummy and Healthy Daycare Finger Food for Lunch

Thursday, May 25th, 2017:

Daycare is not about taking care and teaching¬† a meaningful lesson to help children reach their developmental milestone. It is more about that. It is also including providing proper food to make sure that daycare children will get sufficient nutrition to support their growth. Sometimes, you may feel confuse to find out the great one as your lunch menu. If that is the case then you may try this fish sticks recipe. With all the ingredient, at the end of the recipe you will be able to provide 4 times serving by 5 sticks for each. This daycare lunch menu […] Read More →

5 Benefit of Daycare Lunch Supplies Packages Menu

Friday, May 10th, 2013:

Daycare lunch supplies menu usually made carefully by the help of nutritionist expert. That is why it is better for us to trust our children nutritional intake to the daycare provider than let the children buy by themselves. Another benefit that daycare provided in their daycare lunch is the agreement from us. Usually, the provider will give us the list of menu based on weekly and monthly basis. Based on this, as parent we will have more control to choose what kind of lunch menus and daycare lunch supplies that will be provided for our children. It will be far […] Read More →

9 Nutritious Daycare Lunch Supplies for Toddler

Thursday, May 9th, 2013:

Providing proper daycare lunch supplies for toddler in our daycare supervision is a must. It is a kind of our responsibility to maintain their health. Undeniable fact about toddler is that their picky eater habit. Commonly, toddler can not just easily eat our meal. In the daycare, there are also many factors that make them distract. Those distraction may resulted from their friend or even watching other menus.¬† Our basic job is providing lunch menus that appropriate with their nutritional needs. However, just providing food that categorize as healthy is not enough. For toddler, we have to provide good presentation […] Read More →

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