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Recognizing 4 Basic Daycare Supplies

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014:

Preparing proper daycare supplies is essential if you want to have successful daycare business. It is simply because you will need the right supplies for your daily operation. That is why you need to provide appropriate daycare supplies for each children age under your supervision. General type of supplies The first important thing to provide as your daycare supplies is the general one. Those are bibs, high chair, mattress, cot, table, chair and etc. If you have huge budget then you may do not have a lot of problem to buy a brand new one. If your budget is limited, […] Read More →

How to Teach Art to Infant of Our Daycare

Thursday, July 11th, 2013:

One of the daycare provider role is to provide proper learning. It means that we do not only need to provide basic knowledge such as color and number recognition but also art and craft. If we are dealing with toddler then it will be easier to think about what kind of art project that we can make. How about if our daycare dealing with infants? Actually, there are some kind of simple art project that we can do with an infant. The art project is important because it can be our media to encourage their exploration. Art activity also can […] Read More →

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