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Top 5 Best Places to Purchase Daycare Art Supplies

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013:

Our main job as daycare provider is providing all the children need, not only the learning supplies or nutrition but also daycare art supplies that important for their development. However, we often get shocked with the price on art store since many of those have high price. The problems get arise since art also important beside basic skill learning. Children will learn about creativity through their creation using art supplies. It will also make their brain work balance. Many studies even stated that children who teach about art will have better development than those who do not get such lesson. […] Read More →

How to Save Money when Buying Daycare Art Supplies

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013:

Many daycare provide will find that daycare art supplies already spend most of their budget. There are several ways that can help us to save the money in art supplies. The first thing that we can do is being a frequent buyer. If we are always buy the supplies in the same store then we are possible to ask any discount. Commonly the store will offer store credit that we can use when we are coming back in the next time. Sometimes we are also possible to get cash bonus or lower price. However, we should consider other aspects like […] Read More →

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