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Daycare Activities, 6 Best Calm Ideas to Try

Saturday, September 30th, 2017:

Daycare Activities, 6 Best Calm Ideas to Try Daycare activities can be vary depend on the situation that you want to create. For example, the nap time will be needed to let children rest and relax. However, some children may do not want to take their nap. Preschooler is the age when children has abundant energy. It makes them refuse to take their nap since they keep want to do various activity. If this is the case then you may try the following 6 best calm activity ideas to replace their nap time: Daycare activities that encourage creativity Coloring time […] Read More →

Benefit of Creative Art Project for Daycare Children

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016:

It is undeniable fact that daycare children love to do fun things such as playing, dancing, music, drawing, painting and etc. They love it since those activities can help them to sense the environment around them and also perfectly ways to expressing their feeling. Based on those reason, you better input those type of activities on your daycare schedule. Art and music is just an example of usefull subject. Some research also giving evidence that art and music can support children cognitive development and increasing their self esteem. Still curious aboutcreative education benefit toward children development? Get the whole detail […] Read More →

Types of Daycare Art Supplies that Support Children Creativity Process

Friday, June 7th, 2013:

Choosing the right daycare art supplies will support children creativity. The statement above is absolutely right because children world is full of imagination. Teach them about basic academic lesson like knowing number, color, letter , shape and etc is important but art or craft project will also needed to balance their brain work. Besides that, art project will allow children to develop their exploration and curiosity of something new. However, each child is unique. It is better to show our care by not controlling their creativity process. Let them freely choose the color, material and design by themselves. This kind […] Read More →

List of Daycare Learning Supplies for Preschool

Sunday, May 5th, 2013:

Providing appropriate daycare learning supplies is essential to support our preschool children. As daycare provider, we are not only responsible for taking care of their playing need or ntritional need but also support their developmental process. That is why we need to make several learning are and providing the proper daycare supplies. Here are some idea for learning area and supporting daycare learning supplies that we need to provide for each activity type: 1. Literature learning area If we want to make such literature learning area in our day care then we can provide such places for our preschool children […] Read More →

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