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Great Foods for Daycare Toddler Part 1

Taking care of daycare toddler doesn’t mean only pay attention toward their health and safety. As daycare provider, you will also need to look for the best nutrition. The best way is trying to find out the best foods for toddler developmental stage. In fact, most toddlers will be familiar and dying for cupcakes, chips and other sugary food even though this type of food is not that healthy for toddler.

Great Foods for Daycare Toddler Part 1

It is undeniable fact that children will be preferred to eat pizza or pasta rather than consuming fresh fruit and vegetable routinely. However, you better try to make them ease to eat it rather than letting them becomes picky eater. Need more guidance to find best food for daycare toddler. Get the detail on various useful foods to consume below:

If you want to provide food that contains high nutrient level then you need to give them eggs. Not only protein, egg is also rick with vitamin D that helpful to help calcium absorption on the body. Provide protein on kids breakfast will make them feel satisfied longer. If fiber is the one that you want to provide then oatmeal is your best choice since it contains whole grains rich fiber that will be digesting slowly.

Fruit is always bringing a lot of benefit for toddler since it is full of vitamins, minerals and fiber. For the type of fruits, you can provide such various fruits such as orange, melon, kiwi and berries. Need healthy fats, the answer of this is nut. A little bit of nuts in the morning will provide energy storage while dairy product that rich of calcium and protein is the fuel for your brain and body. Protein itself can develop the brain tissue. In the other hand, dairy milk such as milk can bring benefit for kids teeth and bones. Fruit with high antioxidant is great for toddler health. If you want this type of fruit then blueberries is a great option.

Great Foods for Daycare Toddler Part 1

Consuming blueberries can be helpful to protect your heart and preventing diabetes. Toddler brain function is also can be improved. Not only that, blueberries is also useful to decrease the visceral belly fat that highly connected with metabolic syndrome and obesity. Combine it with summer salad and dessert or even in a bowl of granola and milk. Soy food is good source to prevent cancer. That is why it is suggested to provide tofu.

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