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Complete List of Basic Daycare Supplies and Equipment for Toddler

If you are planning to provide daycare service for toddler then you will need to provide proper daycare supplies and equipment. You will need to supply the one that matched with toddler needs since they have different need than the preschooler one. Even toys and equipment that you provide is also need to be properly prepared. First of all, check the state requirement of basic list of equipment.

Complete List of Basic Daycare Supplies and Equipment for Toddler

Check the state guidelines before purchasing daycare supplies and equipment. The main key is always remember that toddler will need more than just toys and equipment than creating for fun but also the one that support their development. To achieve proper supplies and equipment supply, you can try to search from various classroom furniture companies to find proper tables and chairs that are designed specifically for toddler needs.

Be sure that you can find the furniture that does not have sharp edges, easy to clean and have several heights. Do not forget to keep in mind about NAEYC recommendation of adult and children ratio when purchasing for table and chair for toddler classroom. Be sure to provide sufficient space for each child and adult to sit when eating their meals. The proper one is three tables with four chairs to make adult possible in assisting children.

Provide cot for toddler to rest. Do not forget to also preparing removable sheets that should be washed in weekly basis. Labeling the cots with each children name will make them easier to recognize their place. Soft playspace is also need to provide in order to exploring their groos motor ability. Moreover, personal cubby, plastic bin and coat hook is also better if you can provide it since it can make them easier to independently put their stuff.

Complete List of Basic Daycare Supplies and Equipment for Toddler

For toys and play, you will need to provide a lot of stuff that can support toddler sensory and motor development. Create library to boost their interest in reading to widen up their knowledge. Beanbags is perfect for them to sit while reading. Do not forget to also providing space for dramatic play, manipulatives play, blocks and sensory play like sensory table and sand box. Child sized shopping cart, ride on toys and push toys is also great to boost gross motor ability.

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