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Best Way to Deal With Bad Daycare Children Habit

The duty and responsibility of daycare provider is not easy because they have to deal with bad daycare children habit. Most parent will stuck into desperate feeling when have to face it. In fact, before trying to change this habit then you will need to understand completely about the reason behind the occurrence of the habit itself. Some bad habit comes up as a result of the insecure feeling such as tired, bored, asleep, stress or unhappy.

Best Way to Deal With Bad Daycare Children Habit

The bad habit becomes their way to express the insecure feeling. Somehow, this bad habit works to make them gets calm. The first thing you should do to deal with this type of habit is ignoring it. It may sound simple but hard to do since most of us may yelling or even give some punishment. In fact, this type of action will not calm the children or stop them tp do their behavior.

Instead of giving them punishment, you better praise, showing patience and provide them with some positive rewards. Do not paying too much attention everytime they showing this bad behavior otherwise they will see that this daycare children habit is something that can be accepted. In the other side, always showing your praise or simple awards anytime they are showing good behavior. Do not worry much since children usually will eliminate this type of behavior when they are growing older.

How about the children that has several bad behavior that you are really want to change it? If this is the case then you better trying to focus on one or two of the most dangerous one since you will not be able to change all of this behavior at the same time. Try to dig out the reason behind the children stress and then showing them how to deal with it. Let them tell their problem to you. When they are telling you, be sure that you making the right eye contact and actively listen to them.

Best Way to Deal With Bad Daycare Children Habit

Let them feel that everything is in control to make them calm. Another way to deal with bad daycare children behavior is using the natural or logical consequences to help them making the right decision. Always showing that you are firm but kind with your rules and do not forget to explain each of the rules to them. Make them really understand the consequences of breaking the rules so that they will know what will happen if they breaking the rules.

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